The designer Alejandra Núñez always restless, curious, adventurous and tenacious, never stop Dreaming, and little by little was introduced into one of his dreams, fashion.

As a follower of new tendencies, ahead of styles and thanks to their constant travels through the main European and Asian capitals, they have finally become able to create their own firm.

SCALE is born from the merger of three important elements in the life of its creator.

Alejandra Núñez to which affectionately all know as-ALE-born in the Canary Islands, specifically in Santa Cruz (SC), which to combination of both led to form SCALE, Anglo-Saxon word whose main meanings are intertwined with the brand Resulting:

Flake: That constitutes the seal of identity of the firm.

Scale: a way of life. Arrival and transfer on trips for years between Europe, Asia and America.

Where do the names of our designs come from?

The Indonesian archipelago is composed of more than 13.000 Islands, distributed in an area similar to that of the United States. It is the country with the greatest amount and density of active volcanoes (147 volcanoes).